Rachel contribute to the site because, with all the negativity and fear being broadcast these days, everyone could use a reminder of the wonder and joy that is always around us, if we only take the time and make the effort to see it.

The Take Away Game

Remember Pollyanna, the eternally optimistic heroine of book and screen? I watched the Hailey Mills version as a child many times, and one thing I still think of from the movie is her “glad game”, a game which involved finding something to be glad about in everything, even her own (temporary) paralysis. While the glad …

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A Change of Perspective

When my family moved into our last apartment, our final stop before purchasing a home, I barely furnished it. “Were only here for a little while,” I would offer as explanation for our couch with no coffee table, our table pushed awkwardly in the corner. Little by little the bedrooms became more homey; it was …

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